Pastor’s Son Hops Up On Stage Before Service, Delivers Sermon That Has Entire Church In Stitches

Children have a lot of fun imitating adults. The video that you will watch below is very entertaining. Raising children is the most beautiful part of parenting. They will do whatever they see in you. This little boy who delivers sermons will amaze you.

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Boy delivers sermons

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Many children imitate the behavior of their parents. This affects their growth and emotions. Therefore, parents should know how to behave with children.

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Boy delivers sermons

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Pastor Ryan Marlow delivers sermons at the church and is a very loving man. He was going to give a speech but before the ceremony, something strange happened.

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Boy delivers sermons

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His little son came out in front of the people giving a speech. The video was shared on the Internet and many people liked it and laughed a lot.

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What an amazing little boy, that gives joy to everyone who hears his angelic voice. I bet you can even understand what he is saying.

You can watch the video here: Pastors Son Hops Up On Stage Before Service, Delivers Sermon That Has Entire Church In Stitches

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