Elderly Man Kicked Out Of Bank Of America, Then Cop Takes Action

A 92 year old man entered the local Bank of America, but the staff couldn’t help him because his ID was expired.

The old man was very upset, and the bank managers called the police to take him out of the premises.

Officer Robert Josett answered the call. The bank couldn’t process his withdrawal request and the old man didn’t understand what was happening. 

Officer Josett decided to do something else. He offered the old man a lift to the DMV to get a new ID. After getting the ID, he drove him back to the bank to proceed with the withdrawal.

This act didn’t go unnoticed as the bank managers commented about him. He is a saint, he helped the old man in a dignified manner. Good job!

The Police Department also shared the story on their official Facebook account. 

We need more stories like this, commented someone.

We often hear bad news of officers, but this man is a great man.

We all can relate to this situation as all old people have found themselves in similar ones.

We need to show kindness and patience to them and help as much as we can.

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