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He Lost His Sight As A Result Of A Nightly Blunder We All Commit!

A 39 year old man notified everyone that his eye was irritated while working up late the previous month. He thought that it could be merely allergies.

The following day his eye was sort of goopy and he had a blurry vision. The vision continued to become more impaired day after day.

He visited an eye clinic and they informed him that he has an infection caused by Pseudomonas Bacteria. It is capable of incubating below contact lenses, they explained.

He was prescribed antibiotics and they removed the infection, but he had already acquired corneal ulcer leaving him blind in the eye.

In order to regain his vision, the specialists informed him that he has to do a cornea transplant. He used contacts and the packaging indicated they were safe to wear while sleeping.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology stated that wearing contact lenses overnight increases the possibility of corneal infection.

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