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9 YO Boy Wants To Give His Third Grade Teacher His Money With A Note In Class

At first, the teacher thought that the money was for an excursion they were having, but after she inspected the matter, she realized that it was not for the trip at all. The little boy wants to give to his teacher money for a specific reason.

The nine-year-old boy gave his teacher a bag that contained $15 and a handwritten note attached to it. 

The note read: “Dear Mrs. Chambers, I do not think that teachers get paid as they should for their work, so would you accept my gift?” 

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boy gives money to teacher

He also draw an arrow pointing to the money with a note saying, it was his money. So he didn’t take it from anyone else.

The teacher immediately got goosebumps all over her body when she read the note. She was moved to tears by the gesture but was unable to accept the money.

She returned the kindness by hugging him and writing a note back, so he won’t feel bad about it. 

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boy gives money to teacher

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Her note read: ‘I cannot accept this kind gesture, but students like you are the reason I teach.’ 

The boy’s father shared the story on Facebook and he was very happy with the act of kindness.

His parents had no idea that he would do something like that. This is a great example that shows children learn by what they see.

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