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Conjoined Twins Bella And Abby Were Connected From Birth, But Surgery Permanently Changed Everything

It is true that Bella and Abby are no longer aware they were conjoined twins, but they share a very special and close bond. They even had their organs twisted together, and spent more than six months in the hospital after birth. 

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It was very challenging for them because they were linked in the abdomen and in the chest. The surgeons faced a very serious and dangerous choice to make because it was the only hope of survival. 

The surgery was successful and involved seventeen doctors and more than twelve hours. The family continued a normal life for less than six months. 

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Now the girls are in excellent health, ten years after the surgery. They are engaging in gymnastics training and are living their lives to the fullest.

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They understand each other without using words and also have telepathic talents even though they aren’t any more conjoined twins. We are really happy for them!

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