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His Parents Abandoned Him At The First Chance Because They Didn’t Even Want To See Him When He Was Born Because He Looked Too Strange

This inspiring story makes us all think. Dima’s story is touching because he grew up without his parents. They abandoned him after birth when they learned that he had hydrocephalus. Life for Dima would be more difficult now because he would be alone.

He spent his life in an orphanage for children with limited abilities in Ukraine. Dima learned to do everything himself when he was a small child. At the age of 4, he had difficulty walking. He also could not eat by himself. The caretakers of the orphanage were worried about his condition.

No one could have expected that Dima would be alive, especially after the attacks of 2014. The caretakers of the orphanage left that area because the war started to get stronger. They did not know if Dima would survive the attacks of the wars.

During this period, no one could take care of Dima. He has fought beyond every challenge to live. Everyone prayed for him to save you.

Dima lived and that was a miracle. An American family adopted him and provided for his livelihood. They decided to provide Dima with a beautiful and comfortable life. Dima also now has a new nickname.

He loved the name, Zebadiah. Everything began to improve in Zebediah’s life and he began to eat and walk like everyone else. His life changed and he is very happy with his family.

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