The Reason Why The Garbage Bag Was Moving On The Road Hit The Driver

Sergeant Lewis had no idea that she was going to save a life after she left for work last week. Lewis works at an elementary school in Kentucky and saw a garbage bag that was moving. 

Malissa Lewis was rushing as she was a little late for work, and noticed something unusual there. 

Did I see the trash bag move, wondered? I approached closer and I was convinced it was definitely moving. 

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I felt that something alive was inside the sack and I had to get it out as soon as possible. Lewis’s phone shows in the video a caged animal stumbling in the car’s direction. 

Lewis approached cautiously as he wasn’t really sure of the danger that may appear inside, but she remained as an assistant. 

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I cautiously tore apart the bag and saw a puppy inside. The puppy was very happy to see me and began wagging his tail as soon as I let light in. 

Lewis made the decision to take the puppy with her and put him on her lap and drove to school. 

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I couldn’t just leave him in the car, so I got him inside the school, and the principal asked about it. 

After her shift, Lewis took the dog to the doctor to make sure he was okay and healthy and go on with the vaccinations. 

Lewis and her family are very happy with the dog and the decision to provide him with a permanent home. He will be cherished and happy! The garbage bag that was moving turned to their joy and happiness!

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