40+ Female Celebs Who Are Actually Way Taller In Real Life Than On-Screen

It is true that we never can truly know how tall celebrities are, as move cameras, TV proportions, or even camera tricks can give you different perspectives and looks.

The red carpet photos do not provide a comparison, so they leave our imagination to believe other things than reality.

We all know that camera can add pounds, but it can also take away feet and inches. Some female actresses are way taller than you have thought. So, we covered a list of celebrities whose height measures will shock you.

But it is up to you to say which one shocked you the most. Therefore, now it is time to find out and read through.

Way Taller In Real Life

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Brooke Shields – 6’0 or 183 cm.

Chrissy Teigen – 5’8 or 176 cm.

Rihanna – 5’8 or 176 cm.

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Kendall Jenner – 5’10 or 178 cm.

Laura Dern – 5’10 or 178 cm.

Adele – 5’9 or 175 cm.

Brigitte Nielsen – 6’1 or 185 cm.

Julia Roberts – 5’9 or 175 cm.

Melania Trump – 5’11 or 180 cm.

Gal Gadot – 5’10 or 178 cm.

Sigourney Weaver – 5’11 or 180 cm.

Maggie Gyllenhall – 5’9 or 175 cm.

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Ivanka Trump – 5’11 or 180 cm.

Serena Williams – 5’9 or 175 cm.

Katie Holmes – 5’9 or 175 cm.

Taylor Swift – 5’11 or 180 cm.

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Charlize Theron – 5’10 or 178 cm.

Dot-Marie Jones – 6’3 or 190 cm.

Jennifer Lawrence – 5’9 or 175 cm.

Uma Thurman – 5’11 or 180 cm.

Kimora Lee Simmons – 6’0 or 183 cm.

Laura Prepon – 5’10 or 178 cm.

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Kate Middleton – 5’10 or 178 cm.

Irina Shayk – 5’10 or 178 cm.

Naomi Campbell – 5’10 or 178 cm.

Nicole Kidman – 5’11 or 180 cm.

Blake Lively – 5’10 or 178 cm.

Michelle Obama – 5’11 or 180 cm.

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Maria Sharapova – 6’2 or 188 cm.

Queen Latifah – 5’10 or 178 cm.

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