After 18 Miscarriages And 16 Years, This 48 YO Mom Welcomed her Miracle Baby

Lauren Warneford is a 49-year-old mom who became one after 18 miscarriages that she experienced in the last 16 years. She became a mother in 2017 with a baby that she calls her miracle boy. 

Lauren and her husband Mark, 55 years old, had been trying for 16 years to have a baby and have spent more than US$100.000. 

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 Each time Lauren would have a miscarriage at week 14 of her pregnancy. She suffered from a disease named “Killer Cells”. Our cells are designed to kill the cancerous cells in our body, but in the case of this disease, they also kill the embryo. 

After all these miscarriages, the couple decided to opt for a different option. They went to a gynecologic clinic in Prague where they chose sperm and eggs from two unknown donors. 

The couple were worried all the time and could hardly enjoy the pregnancy. They were worried that something would go wrong and they would lose their baby again.

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Even though during the pregnancy Lauren suffered from high blood pressure and also blood flowing to the placenta, they were able to have their baby. 

They named the miracle boy William and he was born 37 weeks, before the due date.

They welcomed their baby and became the happiest people on earth. This story has inspired thousands of other parents all around the world. Even though they face different struggles every day, like people calling them William’s grandparents because of the age difference, this does not upset them.

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They are happy to have brought to life a healthy child after all the difficulties they went through. Share your thoughts about the miracle boy in the comments on Facebook.

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