The Last Person With An Iron Lung, 76YO Guy Who Was Paralyzed By Polio At Age 6 Says, My Life Is Amazing

This is one of the most special stories you have heard. This is Paul Alexander who lived with an iron lung. He lived very well and had a healthy life. Today, the 76-year-old is one of the last people in the world who use this machine to breathe. This 1928 machine saved his life. In addition, he says that his life was wonderful and he lived very well.

Everything started in his childhood. He had told his mother that he was not feeling well and was not breathing. Later he was hospitalized. His life had now taken a different course. He and his family lived in Texas. Paul remembers that his mother hugged him tightly and was upset. His health was deteriorating. He was in the hospital being treated and was in a very serious condition. His breathing also became difficult.

During this time, the disease was accompanied by other symptoms and the iron lung man was feeling not well.

He lost the ability to swallow. Poliomyelitis virus spread to many people. Most felt fever, muscle pain, shortness of breath, but also paralysis.

That was why Paul’s family thought he was dead. He was paralyzed and the doctors put an iron lung on him. Paul was not the first to have an iron lung, but today he is one of the last people in the world.

He thought he was dead. That time was very scary for him. This iron lung carried out normal breathing and the patients did not feel its presence. The virus had damaged Paul’s lungs. The doctors also announced his death.

But he managed to survive. He was cured and forced to survive with an iron lung that puts him in the hospital. He studied hard and was accepted to Southern Methodist University.

But he must take the vaccine against this virus to be admitted to the school. He became an excellent student. He also continued his career in court.

Paul also started writing his book. He is one of the few people who survived this virus. He never gave up and managed to live. This is a story of hope and a reason to believe in miracles. Paul fought hard and admitted that he lived very well even though his lungs were iron.

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