House Is Donated To A family Of 8 Members. You Will Not Believe What Was Asked On Return

Canitra Thompson during the holiday season was not thinking like everyone else about the gifts she would give to her children but she thought about where they would be sheltered. The family of 8 members lived in a hotel without knowing what the future would offer.

Canitra from Petersburg is already a woman who can not contain her happiness after being selected by Tri-Cities Habitat for Humanity for a new home. She says she can not believe what just happened to her. Until a few days ago she was thinking about where she would sleep and now has a new home.

She is finally able to celebrate at home with her children. According to the rules of this organization, she has to work 300 hours to pay for her house and another 100 hours to help build another house for another family.

This is the thing that makes her happiest, says Canitra. All this way of functioning seems to have aroused interest among investors.

Improving the neighborhood and the community will also have a positive impact. Seeing this way of functioning arouses interest from both parties.

Neighbors are optimistic about this initiative. According to them, this helps in activating the people who live near the houses that will be built, giving their contribution to a positive cause.

If all goes well Canitra within a year will have its home. We hope that none of you will ever miss shelter and experience hunger and cold, especially children.

What do you think about this initiative? Would you help build a house for the homeless? Tell us your opinion in the comments down below on Facebook.

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