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While Grieving The Queen, King Charles’ Staff Was Sent “Heartless” Redundancy Notices, Which Enraged Them

After the death of the queen, King Charles decided to undertake some new reforms. This will certainly affect the royal palace and the family members. Some reforms have also affected his servants who seem to be worried.

Moreover, none of the changes have been well received by the servants of the royal palace. He ordered the release of 12 Clarence House staff members. This is worrying and the King’s secretary also stated this.

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After the Queen’s death, King Charles was proclaimed King of Great Britain and delivered his touching speech.

Among the parts, he touched on in his speech was the decline in philanthropic activity. This continued on Monday when some staff members received a notice that they were fired and could leave their jobs.

King Charles

According to the writings, they were too much. In addition, some old workers have been informed that they may lose their jobs. However, they did not expect that the ascension of King Charles to the throne would involve these great changes. This action of the king has angered the employees in the kingdom. His decisions to reduce staff have hurt many loyal workers who had worked for the royal family for years.

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According to the private secretary, the workers are all angry with the recent situation. The number of workplaces will be reduced and this is one of the reforms that will be undertaken during these years.

King Charles

The workers of the main team and the private ones are very angry and disappointed about the recent events. The distribution of letters clearly seems to have angered and disturbed them. This was “heartless” for them.

They have received the news of dismissal after the death of the queen. In addition to the pain of losing the queen, they also lost their jobs. They and the private secretaries call such an action callous. Before the queen’s funeral is over, many workers lose their jobs.

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King Charles

According to them, they were not redundant at all, even though they had given everything at work and were very dedicated.

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