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While Cleaning The Beach With His Friends, An 11YO Receives A Wonderful Surprise, You’ll Never Guess What

The fact that children want to correct the mistakes of adults is something remarkable. This was the case of the 11-year-old who decided to clean the beach with his friends. With this action, he wanted to show the importance of keeping nature clean.

Beaches are public places where everyone fertilizes. Even though many projects are being done to make individuals aware, beaches and many other public spaces continue to be polluted more and more every day.

The boy found something amazing when he was cleaning the beach with friends. Nature always holds wealth that we do not know. This is wonderful and surprising at the same time, isn’t it? We all collected stones or shells when we went to the beach.

The boy was amazed by the surprise that nature gave him. He found a small but very special rock. This amazed him and his friends. But you should know the history of this particular rock. We can say that this was related to Serina. She and her friends had decided to dive into the sea. She had taken a camera with her and had put a cover on it so that the water would not damage it.

They were having a nice time together and then they went diving. But during the meeting, Serina realized that she had lost her camera. It was impossible to find the camera because it could have been lost in the depths. A friend of hers had problems with the oxygen pump and she immediately went to help her. After this moment she realized that her beloved camera was lost.

Who would have thought that one day, the 11-year-old would discover something like this? He and his friends had gone to clean the beach when they saw something strange. It wasn’t what they thought. It was a camera and that was something incredible. This camera looked like a rock.

The boys took the camera and started to open it. But they were very surprised when they saw that the camera could still work. They thought that the camera belonged to someone, so they decided to find out its owner.

Through the photos found in the camera, they saw Serine. So they decided to share this event with their teacher. Serine’s naked photos were posted on the internet and she finally found her camera. She thanked the boys and immediately left Japan to take her camera to Taiwan.

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