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Man Revealed Mystery That Had Been Kept Secret For Nearly 70 Years By Pulling A String In The Attic

Many people discover things in their homes that they have never seen before. Some discover remnants of civilizations centuries ago, items left after wars, pits where reptiles or insects hide, letters or memories of the previous residents of the house, etc. A man discovered something he had never seen before in his house. He realized that that thing could have been hidden as a mystery in his house for a long time.

Many people have discovered treasures that have been hidden in their homes for a long time. The same thing happened to a man who was looking for the wealth that his father had hidden in the house for a long time.

He knew that his father had left a lot of wealth before they left the country some time ago. This pushed him to search for a long time. But he couldn’t find anything. When he returned to the old house, he thought that the fortune might be there, but he was not sure about it.

His father knew very well how to hide things, even this time his son could not find anything. In the old house, the items and furniture had stood the test of time and had not been damaged. However, some of them had become obsolete during these years. Schlattner returned to find the wealth his father may have left at home. But an unexpected event happened.

He followed a thread that hung from the attic and led to the mystery.

After pulling the string, he realized that behind it was hidden the collection of his father’s wealth. This wealth was hidden for years. His father had created a system of wards to hide the wealth properly. It was so impossible to believe that in the attic there were about 70 packages in which his father had hidden everything he had.

Some packages were wrapped so well that they did not look at all like something that could have hidden any treasure. Others were wrapped with wrapping paper, pictures, newspapers, etc.
Some even contain old items such as stickers, papers, pencils, books, socks, and other items that were undamaged.

These treasures were the most important discovery for him. Today, they are kept in the museum because they are also important for the community since a lot of time has passed since they were used. Everyone is amazed by the talent the man had to hide everything he wanted to keep. Even though the place was small, he managed to hide everything he had there. Schlattner is happy with his work.

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