Top Hip Hop Artist Trending After Liking Questionable Video On Twitter, Fans React

The expression of love and liking has become even more difficult when it comes to famous characters. By the way, it’s such an easy job to show someone you love. That’s why Malik Yoba, the Hip Hop Artist took the courage to take such a step. But not everyone can take this brave step and openly admit their liking. Angelina Ross shares the same opinion, according to which men have become more attractive.

Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross posed for the cameras during a dinner at the restaurant. They talk to TMZ about familiar faces. They also joked with hip-hop men, mentioning Lil Nas X’s party. A while ago, Angelica Ross was rumored for her flirtatious relationship with DaBaby.

But these accusations were dropped and it was accepted that everything was an allusion that was not true.

But this is not the first time that famous people have wanted to have a relationship with a famous Hip Hop artist.

Hip Hop artist

Amiya Scott spoke also gained attention during the summer when she was rumored to have an intimate relationship with a well-known rapper and his wife. She says that she had gone to do the hair of a well-known rapper’s wife and then ended up having an intimate relationship with them.

Doubts can be Kanye, Tyga, or Wiz Khalifa. These names are associated with Amer Rose and Blac Chyna. When talking about famous hip-hop rappers, of course, the Kardashians are there. Kim has had a long relationship with Kanye, with whom she also has children. Lamar Odom is also drawing attention to the closeness created between him and Danielle Alexis.

The basketball player has won the sympathy of the public, who are happy to see him next to Alexis. However, they have never confirmed that they are in a relationship. In the world of famous people, we will face endless platonic love, such as that of Darius McCrary and Sidney Star.

They have had intimate interactions during their work on the set and this does not worry them at all. Sydney has not spoken much about their relationship in public. But everyone can doubt her relationship with Chingy.

Kanye West is also quickly attracted to beautiful girls and his stories have always aroused the public’s curiosity. It is about his friendship with Amanda Lepore. While Chance got married and now he has also changed the type of music he makes.

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