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The Woman In The Photo Above Received Some Lifechanging News That She Will Never Forget

Sometimes beautiful things come when we least expect them and when we are prepared for the worst. This is the story of Tami Forbes, who was a strong and hardworking woman. Although she worked hard, she did not earn enough.

This forced her to do more than one job to support her children. She has twins who are 8 years old and live together with their mother.

Tami is a store manager and for this profession, she earns 300 dollars a month. This is a small amount that is not enough for her to fulfill the needs of her children. For this reason, she decided to work a second job. She worked as a bartender twice a week. With this job, she paid various bills and important payments.

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Tami Forbes

Life was very difficult for him. She didn’t just work two jobs. At the same time, Tami had children and was pregnant. She should take care of her children and her home. The salary she received was very small and she had found a way to increase it, so by working more than one job.

Before Tami Forbes got her pregnancy license, an unexpected miracle happened.

The director called him to the office and everyone understood that he was going to tell them something important. She was afraid that the director would fire her.

Tami Forbes

This could make her life even more difficult. She was afraid that she would lose her job because of her pregnancy, but in fact, the opposite happened. Her manager promised her that he would increase her salary by 1000 dollars a week.

He would also help her during the months of pregnancy. She was very happy with this news and was shocked. She did not expect this and this moment was filmed.

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