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Elvis Presley Proposed To Me, But I Said No,  The Celebrity Who Had An Intimate Connection With The Famous Artist

The star of the movie Blue Hawaii talks more about the intimate relationship he had with the famous singer Elvis Presley. The singer at this time was in a relationship with Priscilla Beaulieu. But he wanted to marry a famous actress.

She says that Elvis had proposed to her, but she rejected him. Everyone is curious to know the love story of the Rock and Roll star and Joan Blackman. But more interesting for Elvis fans, is the behavior of the duo after the rejection of marriage.

Elvis Presley

It seemed clear that they liked each other and that a pleasant romance had been born between them. However, she did not end up in marriage as Elvis wanted. For this reason, she became the actress of Blue Hawaii. The famous singer wanted to marry Joan, but meanwhile, he was in a relationship with Priscilla.

Elvis Presley fell in love with Joan and begged her to take part in other films that the music star would make.

Finally, she accepted. Both took part in the movie Blue Hawaii, which was shot in 1961. The main roles were Joan and Elvis, who were two lovers. In the movie, Elvis was a soldier who returns to find love. Maile Duval was the name of the character who would play Joan.

Elvis Presley

She was Elvis’ girlfriend in the film, and the chemistry they had with each other attracted the attention of fans and producers. This prompted the producers to propose the actress participate in other Elvis films. That’s how she took part in Kid Galahad.

The chemistry between them was visible. They looked like they were connected in real life. This made the couple very popular in the eyes of the public. Both admitted that there is a spark between them, and they feel happy next to each other.

They had a wonderful relationship and this was also reflected in their films. Elvis loved Joan and wanted to marry her. On the other hand, his relationship with Priscilla was complicated. Their romance was put on hold after he fled Germany. His love relationships were always complicated.

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