When They Took Him To The Emergency Room, Doctors And Parents Were Amazed At What They Found Behind His Ear

Sometimes ticks become dangerous insects for human health. They survive by sucking the blood of mammals. Ticks live in the body of mammals, birds, pets, etc. Sometimes these insects are also present in humans. Their presence is awkward and annoying. But sometimes they can be harmful. This boy was taken to the emergency room and had a very difficult time.

One day, Stephanie and Dillon’s family faced something that had never happened before. Collin is very active and usually plays and has fun around the room. But this time he was lying down and not playing.

This surprised his mom, and she immediately called Dillon. During the day, their son had not shown any problems. But in the evening he was staying very quiet in his bed and this scared his parents a little.

Emergency room

But Collin became paralyzed overnight, which shocked his parents. They were forced to send their son to the hospital immediately. Stephanie and Dillon thought that this paralysis was caused by a blow to the head that their son received while playing baseball with his brother. But the doctors denied this fact because the boy was in good health even after the blow.

No one could think that his health would deteriorate.

The doctors did not understand what was the cause, so they asked for some tests. The nurses performed some necessary tests. He wasn’t moving at all, and his oxygen levels were dropping. His condition worsened more than expected.

Emergency room

After his level started to decrease, he was moved to another hospital. Here the parents managed to understand that their son had suffered a cardiac arrest. Staying for a long time in this condition made the treatment and intervention of doctors difficult.

After examining the tests, the doctors concluded that no one had thought of it before. They found a small tick behind their ear. Doctors should intervene quickly to remove this tick.

After this intervention, the boy’s condition began to improve. Even if ticks do not cause serious health problems, they sometimes become harmful, as in the case of Collins. Paralysis or cardiac arrest are rare cases.

They are caused by insect saliva. In this case, the tick’s saliva contains a neurotoxin that moves with the human blood and causes paralysis. The sooner this fact is understood, the easier it is to cure.

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