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The Proof They Found After They Dug Into Meghan’s Past

We all know how often tabloids and media focus on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They have been in the spotlight after they left the royal family. Now they are talking about Meghan’s past.

An essential revelation about them has been discovered. Meghan Markle is linked to the British royal family. 

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Meghan's past

It sounds unbelievable, but people have dug into her past and found that she and Prince Harry have 15th-degree cousins. 

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Thomas Markle, the Duchess’s father has an ancestor named Ralph Bowes from Durham County, England from 1480. He had a niece named Bridget Bows blood related, to Doris Sanders the mother of Thomas Markle seven generations later. 

We know it is complicated, but an illustration shows their connection. An expert says that their relationship is solid. 

Meghan's past

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They have two wonderful children, Archie, and Lilibet Diana.

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