Ever Wonder Why John Wayne’s Gravesite Went Unmarked For So Many Years? Now Read the Heartfelt Message It Has On It

Famous actor John Wayne died of cancer. The disease greatly worsened his health condition and he could not survive. The Hollywood star has participated in more than 70 films and is otherwise known as The Duke. In addition to his very successful career, he also won an Oscar in 1970.

John Wayne

But when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, his body weakened. He died in 1979 and was not buried traditionally. According to sources, Wayne has asked the children to write “Feo, Fuerte y Formal” on his grave, which means “Scared, strong and dignified.”

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John Wayne was buried at Pacific View Memorial Park in California, USA.

Well, the children decided not to write anything on the tombstone and left it blank. For them, this was the most appropriate decision because they would be calm that their father’s grave would not be destroyed.

John Wayne

If people knew where the Hollywood star’s grave was, they could visit it often and take pictures. Therefore, they decided not to write anything so that no one would worry. They wanted their father to rest in peace. But apparently, this thought did not last long. Wayne’s family decided to write something emotional on Wayne’s grave 20 years later.

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John Wayne

They put a horseshoe in honor of the roles that Wayne had in cowboy movies. In addition, they wrote a more valuable dedication. “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. He comes to us at midnight. It’s perfect when you arrive and put yourself in our hands.

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Hope we learned something from yesterday.” According to Wayne’s son, let everyone know this is their father’s grave. He was a wonderful man and loved by all. He had an extraordinary impact on his fans.

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