According To An Expert, Meghan Markle Apparently Demands A “One-To-One” Meeting With King Charles Before She Leaves

News about the royal family has spread a lot lately. One of these is the news of a possible meeting between Meghan Markle and King Charles. After the death of the queen, there are various large in the kingdom. The new king introduced reforms that change some rules that have been in place for a long time.

The death of the queen will affect the entire rule of the kingdom and this will be noticed very quickly. During this period, Charles was appointed king of Great Britain.

But according to sources, one of the latest issues is the situation of Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle

After the death of the Queen, everyone was saddened and saddened by the loss of a strong woman worthy of the royal throne. The flags are also lowered to half-mast. According to the order of succession, the throne belongs to King Charles. The family was very sad and this can be seen in the queen’s tributes. Therefore, they took part in the farewell ceremony and it was clear that their hearts were broken.

One of the reforms that King Charles claims to implement is the reduction of the staff. He will lay off some employees. But Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are back in the spotlight. They are retired from royal duties and live together in California. However, this time may bring changes. According to the royal analyst, Meghan Markle wants to contact the king before returning to her home.

Meghan Markle

She wants to have a private conversation with the king and it is thought that she has written to the king about something like that. According to analyst Sean, this is a brave move by Meghan. So, maybe she wants to fix the relationship between them and fix the previous mistakes. However, we still do not know if King Charles has accepted this proposal.

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