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Study Reveals: Female Shih Tzu Cooler Than Male Shih Tzu

Swedish researchers claim that female Shih Tzu is cooler and nicer than male Shih Tzu.

Professor Jensen from the University of Linkoping recently released an experiment with 400 dogs in order to unravel the puzzle of different Shih Tzu behaviors.

Scientists claim female Shih Tzu is cooler than male Shih Tzu

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Jensen says: “We’re not sure why female Shih Tzus were more successful in social relationships with humans, but we can speculate that this may be due to the dog’s natural instincts. Furthermore, female Shih Tzus were more cooperative and respectful of their owners in terms of behavior.”

How did they come to the conclusion that female Shih Tzus are cooler than male Shih Tzus?

Part of the test of the 400 dogs put them against the following dilemma. Some snacks are behind two easy-to-open doors, however, one door is closed. Females were by far much more susceptible and would ask their owners for help getting the appetizer from the locked door.

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Female Shih Tzu cooler

The Shih Tzu Brasill Blog team, in particular, still has doubts about the research carried out, but it is worth the discussion. We will continue to love our male Shih Tzu the way they are regardless of research that claims female Shih Tzu is cooler than male Shih Tzu.

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