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Queen’s Farewell Message To Her Grandson Is Bittersweet, On His Birthday, Prince Harry Officially Disclosed

Queen’s farewell message to Prince Harry is really bittersweet, and we all know what has happened throughout the years. Everyone knows the complicated history of Meghan Markle and the royal family. This relationship also affected Harry’s relationship with his family. Things were not the same after the marriage of Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018.

He broke away from the royal family and decided to live with his wife and children in California. But according to Prince Harry, his relationship with his grandmother had been the same.

They had not broken the relationship between them. After the Queen’s death, Harry had his birthday. He was going to celebrate his 38th birthday, but this time he is not very happy and does not want to celebrate. The loss of his grandmother has affected him a lot, and Harry has decided not to celebrate his birthday.

Queen’s Farewell message

Harry wished his birthday on Twitter by sharing some photos of him in different moments of his life. This is the most difficult period for the royal family. Harry was very emotional, and throughout the ceremony, he wiped away his tears. The pain for him is great.

The entire royal family took part in the ceremony and in the Queen’s farewell message.

They accompanied the coffin to the designated place to perform the ceremony. Prince Harry is affected after this event. The daughter of the Countess of Wessex and Mrs. Louise Windsor were also photographed crying.

Queen’s Farewell message

The body language psychologist who commented on the participants in the ceremony talks about the couple’s relationship during the ceremony. According to her, Meghan and Harry seemed close to each other.

Meghan was supporting her husband during this moment. While for others, he says that they have left enough gaps between each other. This can be influenced by the formality of the ceremony, says Judi.

Harry and Meghan attended the ceremony and stood close to Prince William and Kate. This reflected the unity of the royal family in this touching event. Besides, everyone was touched by Harry’s words. His speech was deafening. He had expressed his gratitude and thanks for the late queen.

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