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Husband Secretly Constructed Shed In The Yard And Refused To Let Anyone In

Charles Evans is 82 years old and shows that love can survive even after many years. He still remembers his wife and misses her. Charlescreated a shed in the yard to commemorate her.

He and his wife Louise had a happy marriage and loved each other. but their dream did not last forever. They lived together for 59 years. He has decided to fill his house with things and photos of his wife.

Charles Evans, also known as LaLa. He has covered the walls of the hut with pictures of his wife. He has been doing something like this for years. This was his and his wife’s dream.

Shed in the yard

He had promised himself that he would make a museum with their photos. In their home, they tried many new things. In the shed in the yard, LaLa taught his wife to dance.

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Their bond was very strong. They had many photos and memories together. With these pictures, he filled the walls of the hut and was very happy with what he had done.

There were even photos of them dancing together on the walls. At the entrance of the shed, LaLa had placed their last picture dancing. Their happiness was great.

Shed in the yard

They had lived a life without complexes and with more love for each other. LaLa spends a lot of time in the museum where she has placed photos of their entire lives.

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