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Man Kept Hearing Strange Noises Under The Driveway, It Led To An Astounding Discovery

Simon Marks has discovered something strange that no one thought. He constantly heard underground noises that he did not understand where they were coming from. so he decided to make a hole which led to an astounding discovery. But he faced something terrible.

The 37-year-old had never thought of digging a hole in the road before and had been living in the same house for many years. The noise started to become disturbing and he thought that someone should stop it.


When he was coming back from work, he was parking his car before entering the house. But he heard a strange screeching noise of something that collided with his car. So he got out of the car to find out what was happening. When Marks got out of the car, he saw that the asphalt had cracked and a piece of metal had come out on the surface.

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He started to pull on the piece of metal but could not get it out. Then he and his father cleaned the place and started pulling the piece of metal.

After they pulled the piece of metal, the discovery was there.

Marks went down to the ground but saw that there was an air attack layer hidden under that place. This shelter could have been built during the Second World War. People hid in these shelters during the air raids and bombings of the war.


This accommodation was built with old but strong bricks to protect the rooms. Marks immediately photographed their discovery and posted the photos on social media. His father was surprised and said that this had taken him back in time. This housing must be preserved well because it is an important historical monument.

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