18 YO Girl With Anorexia Weights 70 Pounds, Demonstrating The Power Of Motivation And Perseverance

This is a success story that everyone can inspire. This is the 18-year-old girl who did not give up but fought to achieve her goals, regardless of health difficulties. She suffered from anorexia and weighed 70 pounds.

She was often helpless, but she never gave up to achieve her goals. Anorexia is a disease that is spreading a lot in recent years, especially in the USA. People with anorexia must follow a regular food diet.


However, anorexia does not cause small damage to the lives of people who suffer from it. They are often tired and do not have the strength to do daily activities. At the same time, these people constantly want to sleep and lose a lot of weight, giving up food meals.

To stop these symptoms, measures should be taken as soon as possible. It can be said that anorexia is a very serious disease that must be taken under control as soon as possible. This is the story of Vera Schulz, who persevered to continue life and daily activities regardless of difficulties.

She had lost weight and was constantly tired. Anorexia had changed her life completely.

However, the situation started to become even more serious when she could not do anything else in her life. Vera was dizzy and felt in danger. She often felt breathing problems and realized that these symptoms were becoming more serious every day.


She decided to make a change in her life, and for this reason, she began to follow a low-food diet, initially with fruits and vegetables. The girl also tried to overcome fatigue and insomnia, engaging in physical activity every day.

We can say that her story is a success story. Anorexia is a difficult disease that fundamentally affects people’s lives by changing their lifestyles. But if you persevere you can do miracles.

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