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Templars: The Incredible Discovery Of A Network Of Secret Tunnels That Remained Hidden For 700 Years

Archaeologists recently discovered some underground tunnels that were built several centuries ago. These secret tunnels date from the medieval period. They are a connecting road with the 700-year-old castles of the Near East.

These castles were built by the crusaders of the Latin West and the most famous of them is Kras des Chevaliers. these tunnels were discovered in the city of Acre in Northern Israel. These tunnels served as a way to transport the treasures to the secret rooms. Such an activity enriched the “poor Knights of Christ and Solomon’s Temple.”

Secret tunnels

The most famous castle was used as a military base during the conflicts with Syria and where weapons were stored. Even today, archaeologists continue to do research and are finding new facies and secrets that have not been discovered before.

These secret tunnels testify to a place with a rich and special history.

In the “Tunnel of the Templar” several cross structures have been discovered which prove the existence of amazing history. According to studies, these symbols may have been used to accompany pilgrims on their dangerous journeys to the Holy Land. Being that Acre was an important port at that time, the country was often faced with attacks, thefts, or enemies.

The great threat that came to the locals from the port, pushed the Templars to build the secret tunnels. These tunnels connected the fort with the port. Goods, treasures, and people were transported through the tunnels.

Also, for a long time, they ensured the escape of residents in case of floods or attacks. Food reserves were also found in the tunnels in case of emergency disasters. In the year 1291, a disaster was marked in the history of Acra, after the attack of the ruler of Egypt.

Secret tunnels

Today, after several years, the function of this port does not seem so important. The discovery of the tunnels was made by chance by a woman, who had called a plumber to fix the channels. But the plumber fell into the tunnel and that was incredible. Later, many archaeologists arrived at the scene and began to study the circumstances and the place.

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