Horrified Parents Abandon Newborn In Hospital But Woman Steps In And Asks When Can I Take Him?

The parent-child relationship is inspiring and very delicate. Many parents are eagerly waiting for their children to be born. This happened to this woman who was very happy to become a mother. But something unexpected happened. The child was not as she had dreamed. Jono Lancaster was very different from other children.

She was very surprised by his features and decided not to take the child. So the mother left the child in the maternity ward. The toddler suffered from Treacher Collins Syndrome. This syndrome only affects people’s appearance and not psychologically. This cannot be classified as a rare syndrome.

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It affects 1 in 50,000 children at birth. They have small eyelashes, slightly large ears, slanted eyes, and rounded cheeks. Also, children with this syndrome are at risk of walking or talking.

The parents of the child who was diagnosed with this syndrome decided to offer the child for adoption. This is one of the frequent cases in that parents decide to offer their children for adoption if they are diagnosed with this syndrome.

Jono Lancaster was lucky because his new mother was very loving and sweet. She loved Jono very much and gave him a lot of love. She said she doesn’t know how to let go of Jono. Jean officially adopted the child and took care of him until he grew up.

Jean was a 40-year-old single woman who had taken care of her children all her life. Jonio feels very grateful to his mother. He feels happy that he adopted her and treated her as her child. When asked about his appearance, Jono says that he feels very happy and does not want to change his appearance.

Jono Lancaster life now

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Now he is 32 years old and has a girlfriend. His life is very beautiful and he thanks God for his features. He feels special even though it took him a long time to accept his appearance.

According to him, it is enough to have self-confidence and feel good about ourselves. This is how we will overcome every barrier.

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