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15+ Things Moms Do That Make Them Even More Incredible

The pregnancy journey is one of a woman’s most beautiful and special moments. Women experience pregnancy differently because their bodies are built differently. Someone can be stronger, someone can be weaker. These are some things moms do.

During this period, mothers change their lifestyles. They may even lose or gain a lot of weight. Sometimes it seems meaningless, but during the day they are hungry for strange foods that they don’t try in everyday life.

Mothers are very strong and are true heroes. They sacrifice their lives to bring their children to life. They even agree to change their bodies and deprive themselves of many other things for their children. In this article, you will find some incredible stories about pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the mother’s DNA changes.

Things moms do

Mothers carry another living thing inside them. Her body must adapt to take care of two hearts and two organisms. The baby’s cells circulate in the mother’s blood and affect the mother for good and sometimes for bad. Many mothers have had problems with cancer after pregnancy.

Children eat the food their mother eats

Things moms do

Sometimes mothers say that they are not the ones who are hungry, but the babies inside them. And apparently, they are right. Children can take from the mother’s blood, the food that the mother takes. It is also preferable to consume more carrots, apples, bananas, etc. during pregnancy. Fruits during pregnancy have a positive effect on the child’s health.

Kissing the baby.

Things moms do

Many mothers report that they feel lucky when their baby kisses them. This makes the bond between them stronger and is a rare feeling. The baby and the mother have a strong and inexplicable biological bond.

The high amount of estrogen during pregnancy

Things moms do

During this period, women produce more estrogen. This hormone affects the expansion of the uterus and the blood increases its pressure to heal the uterus after birth. The amount of this hormone increases a lot during pregnancy and has a positive effect on this process.

Mother’s powerful smile

Things moms do

Mothers are very loving and are the meaning of life. After birth, children will always need their mothers. The smile of the mother and her happiness affects the relationship she will build with the baby. Children feel their mother’s happiness and feel calmer in her arms when she is happy.

Baby boy is coming

When mothers are pregnant with boys, there are some changes that they do not experience when they are pregnant with girls. One of these is that mothers feel more confused when they are pregnant with a boy. They also feel aversion to different foods.

Mother tongue

Babies try to communicate with their mothers. In their vocabulary, right after birth, they try to stutter the syllable “em” which is in the word mom. This sound is a fact of the baby’s attempt to call mommy.


Mothers have emotional concerns after the birth of their baby and this is normal. Pregnancy affects the brain of mothers and makes that mother have such worries for a long time.

Mother’s voice

For babies, the mother’s voice is the sweetest in the world. They are happy next to their mother and do not experience disturbances during sleep. Even babies fall asleep faster when they are near their mothers.

Babies cry in their mother’s womb

Babies can cry in the 28th week of pregnancy. This can be caused by the dissatisfaction of children in the womb. But it is not a condition to worry about.

Tooth decay

Women are more affected by tooth decay due to hormones and a lack of vitamins. Increased acidity in the mouth negatively affects the mother’s teeth.

Bottled milk.

Everyone is still arguing about breast milk. However, the mother needs to start feeding the baby with milk from the first days after birth. This is how a strong relationship is created between the child and the mother. Also in mother’s milk, there are nutrients necessary for the child.

Breast milk

It may have been invented during the Ice Age because children in that period did not get enough vitamin D. Breast milk helps children get the vitamins they need.

Pregnancy can be contagious

When someone is pregnant, it can be another. This is an inexplicable situation, but it often happens that we find friends or sisters or colleagues who are pregnant at the same time.

The left side of the mothers

Mammalian mothers, both animals, and humans hold their babies closer to their left side because they want to have the baby closer to their heart.

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