Husband Says He Would Be At His Wife’s Side Till The End And He Plans To Keep That Promise

The 78-year-old husband tells his inspiring story and sets a perfect example for all men. He had promised his wife that he would stay by her side for any problem and he kept his word. He and his wife were very much in love.

This was the reason why the 78-year-old decided to have his grave next to his wife. Fred Gilland didn’t waste a single moment of his life to stay away from his one love. He and his wife Janice met years ago. They fell in love at first sight and promised to be there for each other in any situation.

Fred and Janice have married 51 years ago. Today, the 78-year-old cannot tear himself away from the grave of his beloved wife. She has been dead for 10 years and he visits her grave every day. Nothing stops Fred from visiting his wife’s grave. Even everyone is surprised when they see that he goes to her grave in winter, in rain or snow.


He wants to be near his wife at all times. And we can say for sure that he kept his word. Janice has felt his presence all these years. He occasionally sends flowers and different memories to bring back the sweet moments with his wife. Janice was a wonderful woman and Fred was in love. He has been by her side in the beautiful moments and the difficult moments.

The husband visits his wife’s grave because he feels good when he is near her. He has not missed a single day without spending time with his wife. For him, these visits are strength and motivation to continue life. Although it will not be the same without his wife. This is an example of true love.

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