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Cause of Death for Eliza Fletcher the Memphis Teacher and Mom Kidnapped and Killed Released to the Public

New information about the murder of Memphis and the school teacher Eliza Fletcher is revealed. Now her death cause has come to light.

She died from a gunshot wound and blunt force injury to the head. She also had extensive facial bruises and injuries. It was also reported that she had fentanyl in her system.

Her death manner was judged as a homicide. Also, there was discovered a shell casing near her body.

Her body was discovered near where Abston was seen cleaning a GMC Terrain, just 8 miles from the abduction place. She was captured running on the street cameras before the tragedy struck.

She was attacked and forced into a vehicle as the surveillance footage showed. The terrain was the same vehicle she was forced into.

Abston refused to tell authorities about the location of the body after he was arrested. He was investigated as a suspect after his sandals were found near Fletcher’s belongings. The DNA on the sandals matched his.

He previously faced jail time for aggravated kidnapping and was sentenced to 24 years in the year 2000, but was released after serving 85 percent of his sentence.

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