Britney Spears Posts Heart-Wrenching Admission After Sons Stopped Visiting Her

The relationship between the famous singer Britney Spears with her sons became viral recently because of the successive clashes she had with her ex-husband. Recently, the media has been spreading the news that the boys have not met Britney and she is injured.

The boys have not contacted her and she feels sad. For this reason, she left a voice message for her sons. She said that she did not expect that her sons would treat her in this way. According to her, she had given everything to educate him and raise him with care and love.

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Britney Spears

At the same time, Britney says that her children may now think that all her sadness is a game to get their attention. This event not only hurt but also offended the singer.

She spread the news herself that her sons did not visit her. Another fact that Britney has discussed is the behavior of her teenage son. 15-year-old James had not shown respect to his mother and she felt offended.

She loves her boys very much, but recent events are not going so well for them. The singer even declares that the boys are trying to cut off any kind of contact with their mother. They were not even present at her wedding.

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Britney Spears

She often shows that she misses her boys a lot and now life has no more meaning for her. Britney shows that she has won everything with hard work and sacrifices, to offer her children a happy life. Her children have denied building a bridge of contact between them and Britney.

This has caused not only physical but also psychological health problems for Britney. She communicates with a therapist to ease the pain and sadness she carries inside.

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