Britney Spears and Her Husband Slam Her Ex Kevin Federline After Interview About Their Children

Apparently, things have changed for and for her Kevin Federline. Recently, news of the conflict between Britney Spears and her ex-husband and the children is being shared on social media.

She now lives with her new husband and feels very happy. But the divorce events are not over yet. Her two sons lived with her, but now Britney Spears says that the relationship with Federline has changed.

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Everything seemed to be going well and Spears and her ex were co-parenting well. But things changed. She was happy with her children’s life and education. This was a very big challenge for him.

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However, Federline would like to have found a way to show Spears that lifestyle affects children. He gave interviews and revealed many things. Recently, the famous singer and her husband are throwing Federline’s statements.

He claimed that the children are teenagers and have started to understand things. According to him, the children do not want to meet their mother.

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Britney Spears denies this and is trying to prove the opposite. In this story, the music star’s husband entered, declaring that Spears is a responsible woman, and Federline’s statements are not true.

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He admits that his wife is successful and exposes her body but does not overdo it. But he does not forget to explain that Kevin’s profession has influenced the growth of children because he is a model.

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He supports his wife in this matter, admitting that she is right. Britney also contradicts this statement saying that her ex-husband is turning the children against her.

“Children’s growth is delicate and there comes a moment when they will make their own decisions in life. But here the problem lies in the assumptions of my ex-husband.”

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She says she feels hurt in this matter. We wish you to solve this problem as soon as possible.

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