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Prince Harry Is 38 Today, But He Has Very Different Plans To Celebrate After The Passing Of His Grandmother

Prince Harry’s 38th birthday did not bring him anything happy. On the 38th anniversary of his birth, his grandmother passed away and he does not think of having a festive ceremony to celebrate his birthday.

During this period he is mourning his grandmother. He has not yet given any statement about this topic. But everyone manages to understand that no one is able to celebrate, after the Queen’s age. He wants to respect her figure every moment of his life.

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry and his family live in California because they did not want to be on royal duty. They live happily and in harmony with each other. after the death of the queen, he immediately went to the United Kingdom.

After that, he will take part in a tour of Europe. So his plans are not to return to California to celebrate his birthday. He and his wife are currently in the United Kingdom and are staying there with the rest of the royal family.

Prince Harry

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Everyone is sad and mourning the death of the queen. In the photos and videos of the wedding shared on social media, Harry seemed touched and saddened by what happened.

We wish him the best of luck and hope he has a wonderful birthday.

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