Gisele Bundchen Finally Opens Up About How She Felt About Tom Brady’s Decision to Un-Retire Amid Rumors Their Marriage Is on the Rocks

The media has recently been talking about the problems in the marriage of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. In fact, the couple wanted to withdraw from the statements to reveal more. They wanted to keep their relationship private. But this did not stop the portals from making rumors about their crises in the couple. For this reason, Bundchen decided to make the first public statement.

She gave the first interview about the state of her relationship with Brady. The popular ELLE cover model shared more about her husband’s decision to the NFL. Brady’s decision to retire also surprised everyone. After the news of his retirement, rumors of a crisis in their relationship started. Everyone knows that Brady and Bundchen have been married for 13 years.

In the last interview, Gisele talked about her modeling plans. She thinks of leaving the modeling field to take care of her children. She and Brady have two children together. Brady’s eldest son, 15-year-old Jack, lives with them. In the interview, she talked about her efforts to be Brady’s support. She also talked about her move to Boston. She did this for her husband and children.

The family seems to be in the foreground. She has paid attention to raising her children and her husband’s career. She wanted to make her family happy. However, she also wants to follow her dreams. Gisele has always fought for her family and she thinks she has fulfilled this goal. Now is the time to take care of herself.

The recent news of Brady’s retirement seems to have worried Gisele. She feels sad because she has always supported her husband to follow his steps in life. But from Gisele’s latest tweet, she congratulates Brady on his victory. This shows that the couple’s relationship is going well.

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