They Already Have Two Children, And Now They’ve Made The Announcement

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been in the headlines of the media for a long time. Their life and marriage were talked about a lot and this made them love their private life more and be more devoted to their family. Recently Harry and Meghan’s announcement made everyone think.

Recently, their daughter Lilibet came into their lives. The Dukes of Sussex have now become parents to a son and a daughter. They love their family and the education of their children very much.

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Meghan Markle and the prince decide to live in California with their children. This came as a result of recent events. Prince Harry has become a parent for the second time and now lives with his family.

He is detached from royal duties and prefers to live life as a simple citizen in California. The interview with the well-known anthropologist Jane Goodall was very interesting.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s announcement

Goodall asked Prince Harry what his plans were for children. This question would be interesting if Harry and Markle were thinking about a third child. But the prince’s answer was very clear.

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He said that this was the most important time for him and his family. He and Markle want to enjoy their children and invest in their education. According to him, educating children is not that easy. However, it is an important task.

He had not thought about how many children he would have, but he expressed his wish that he wanted some children. He and his wife wanted to raise healthy children for the future and they were doing this with a lot of love and passion. “Archie and Lilibet are growing very carefully and this process needs its time.” said Prince Harry.

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“It is important that we educate young generations who will serve their community and country.” Harry and Markle are happy with their family life and did not think of having a third child. However, anything can happen and they can change their mind.

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