Young Girl Killed Herself Age 14 – Days Later Dad Invites Her Bullies To Funeral And Gives Them Brutal Lesson

Recently, the number of suicides has increased a lot. Many people in the world are losing important family members to suicide. And the event becomes even more terrible for parents when their children commit suicide. This event happened in Australia where a 14-year-old girl committed suicide.

Dolly Everett’s parents call for measures to prevent child suicide. They are very sad for the loss of their beloved daughter. Her parents say that she was a loving and smiling girl. She was a child who loved nature and played all the time on her farm. The girl started to be a model at the age of 6.

She was a very beautiful and smart girl.
Also Dolly and her sister went to Scots PGC College in Warwick, Queensland.
Dolly began to be passionate about sports and devoted a lot of time to physical activities. But a sad event closed the dreams. The girl had informed her mother that the boys at school were bullying her. They insulted her with offensive words when she was 12 years old.

One boy started to bully him more than the others by pushing him in a playground. Her family was very sad with the events that were happening to their daughter. Dolly closed on herself and didn’t talk to anyone about what was happening.
The harassment continued for a long time until the parents found an email in which they found written.

“How long do I have to stay? Can I leave soon? I don’t want to fight so I left.” A day before she died, she seemed very normal and no one expected something like this to happen. Her parents were very sad and shared the news with close people on Facebook. Everyone sends their condolences to the family.

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