Shocking Black Box Tape Shows Pilot Let His Children Into The Cockpit During Flight

A shocking news has surprised everyone after the terrible incident of the crash of Aeroflot Flight 593. After this terrible accident, all passengers and crew members died. The event happened in 1994 where the plane that had left from Moscow to Hong Kong crashed in the Kuznetsk Alatau mountains. This accident was discussed for a long time and the investigations did not stop, even though the cause was incomprehensible.

But the event changed after finding the black box. The investigators found out what had happened shortly before the plane crashed and the reason for this was the finding of the black box. In the evidence of the plane crash, there was audio that showed that the children had entered the cockpit shortly before the plane crashed.

There were 63 passengers on the plane, all of whom died. The aircraft was scheduled to stop at Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong, on Flight 593. During this flight, the pilots were Andrey Viktorovich Danilov, Igor Vasilyevich Piskaryov and the co-pilot, Yaroslav Vladimirovich Kudrinsky. In the plane were also family members of the co-pilot, 16-year-old Eldar and 12-year-old Yana.

According to the black box, the co-pilot’s children enter the cockpit to meet their father. According to the investigations, it is possible that the children played with the controls of the plane and this is forbidden. The accident happened when Eldar turned the wheel hard and the autopilot went off.

At this moment, Eldar lost control and the plane immediately signaled to the pilots that a part of the autopilot was turned off. However, the pilots did not notice this signal. “Get out” were heard on the plane. The pilots immediately understood what was happening, but they could not manage it. The plane had started to fall and the tragedy happened, after all the passengers and crew members died.

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