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When He Got To School, He Was Accompanied By 24 Police Officers

This is one of the heart-melting events. A little boy was accompanied by 24 police officers on the first day of kindergarten. Jackson was Officer Sherlin’s son, who could not accompany his young son to the first day of kindergarten.

Therefore, the officers dressed in blue uniforms decided to accompany their friend’s son. They wanted the little one to feel good and safe.

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The 4-year-old was very happy. He and his brothers were accompanied to school and kindergarten by 2 dozen large policemen. The event that happened in Texas made everyone happy. This was a nice surprise for Jackson and his family.

Police officers acted

This happened after Scherlen changed his life a few weeks ago. The police were saddened by this incident and wanted to be near their friend’s family.

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They wanted to complete the colleague’s task to the end. Officer Hilton told the media that this was one of the hardest news he has received.

This was a terrible moment for everyone. Justin Scherlen died after a car accident. Regardless of the serious injuries he received, the incident’s cause is still unclear.

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But the other policemen were very upset by this event and decided to be near his family on this difficult day. Jackson hugged the policemen and thanked them all. They helped Jackson feel good on his first day of kindergarten. The little boy was accompanied by 24 police officers and felt very happy.

The police officers declared that they would always be close to their colleague’s family who had served the state and the law for a long time.

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