Woman Went To Emergency Room With Horrible Stomach Pain, The Discovery Shocked Everyone

Minati Mondal, a 51-year-old, went to the hospital two weeks ago with terrible stomach pain and shook all the doctors with what they discovered. 

The doctors removed 11,950 gallstones from her, and this has set a new world record. Previously the record was held from a German patient, to whom the doctors removed 3,110 gallstones. 

The patient, Minati, had horrible stomach pain and was suffering for two whole months before the surgery. She was suffering from gallstones, but it was a pretty difficult case. 

The Indian doctor, Dr. Makhaan Lala Saha, says that the surgery performed on Minati was a milestone. He was expecting to remove a large number of stones but had never imagined that the number would surpass the 5,000 mark. 

He later said that was amazed at the results of the one-hour-long surgery. He didn’t even think that so many stones could fit inside a gall bladder. In size, the stones were between 2mm and 5mm and it took them about four hours to count them all. 

Two days ago, Minati got back home after being discharged from the hospital. She is now recovering.

Regarding gallstones, they are small stones, which form in the gallbladder and are composed of cholesterol. It is thought that one out of 10 adults in the UK is affected by gallstones. 

They are responsible for causing biliary colic pain in the abdominal area. This happens when the stones get trapped inside the gallbladder. But mostly, they do not need special treatment as they do not develop symptoms.

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