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When Camilla Was Criticized By Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles Broke Down In Tears

The complicated relationship between Camilla Parke and Prince Charles has gone through many stages. Like all relationships, this relationship has had its problems. Prince Charles married Camilla in 2005. They met before the prince married Princess Diana.

During this period he continued his relationship with Camilla Parker. Their relationship was not accepted and was not well received. The relatives of the royal family did not like the marriage with Camilla.

Camilla Parker was not always in the center of attention like the rest of the members of the royal family. Her relationship with Queen Elizabeth was not so good at first. This created some cracks in their family. Some felt that Camilla was not fit for the royal family. Her relationship with the Queen was complicated.

Camilla was in a romantic relationship with Prince Charles while he was married to Princess Diana.

Then his relationship with Diane began to face the first problems and led to their divorce. However, many people believed in love and harmony between them. According to the sources, Diana tried to save their relationship and she did this by communicating with Camilla. She asked Camilla to withdraw from this relationship.

But Camilla admits that she told him that she knows what she is doing. In Diana’s later interviews, she admitted that their relationship was also broken by Camilla. Their divorce surprised everyone. This was the reason why the queen did not want to contact Camilla.

Their relationship was not well received by the royal family. After the death of Princess Diana. The relationship between the prince and Camilla was kept quiet and the public did not receive any news about it.

The Queen did not like Camilla’s behavior very much and it was obvious. However, Charles wanted to put out the fire between his mother and his future wife. He wanted his mother to support him. However, it was not so easy for the queen to accept such a relationship.

In the evening when Charles tried to take a bigger step in their relationship, the queen angrily told him “I don’t want to do anything with that bad lady”. These words remain long in the mind and heart of Charles. These words made the prince cry and get very sad.

After a few years, their relationship began to take another form. Prince Charles and Camilla were married in 2005. Surprisingly, the Queen’s opinion of Camilla changed over the years.

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