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400 YO Underground Complex Found in The Grand Canyon

Peter Marlington and his friends have discovered an underground complex that is more than 400 years old. According to the studies that are being done, it can be said that this complex may have been built in the 1500s.

The group of climbers made an unexpected discovery in the Grand Canyon. This unexplored place is ready to amaze everyone. The climbers say that they discovered the door of the complex by chance.

One day while they were exploring nature, the climbers decided to rest in a shady place, because the temperatures were very high. But when they stopped, a fresh breeze began to come. This made the climbers curious and they decided to discover the source of this breeze.

Underground complex

A few minutes later they realized that the breeze was coming between some big bushes. When they got even closer, they realized that the bushes covered the entrance to an unexplored complex.

The entrance was covered by bushes for more than 400 years. This had made the earlier discovery of the underground complex impossible.

The climbers said that at first they were not convinced if they wanted to enter the tunnel. They also considered all the circumstances and this tunnel could be flooded or have a big hole inside.

After much discussion, the group of climbers decided to explore the place. They get ready with the flashlights and enter the tunnel. “To understand whether or not the tunnel would be a flood tunnel, we studied the relief of the land. The flat relief made us understand that we could be safe and not face flooding. But at one point the tunnel stopped.”

Underground complex

The mountaineers show that they continued the way regardless of the fear they might have. They were curious about what was inside the tunnel. Then they discovered a rotten wood and beyond it, they discovered an even smaller tunnel. There was no light inside the tunnel and it smelled bad. The more they walked, the more tunnels they discovered.

The light from the electric hand came and went. At the bottom of a tunnel, they discovered a large dark room. This terrified the climbers and they wanted to go back. One of them went down to the lower part with more difficulty because the ground was unstable. The climber shared his experience and admitted that this was a really scary experience.

Underground complex

He even felt as if something was watching him in the dark. Then they reported the tunnel to the forest guards, who did not know about its existence. They photographed the place and decided to share it with serious television.

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