Waitress Gets ‘$0’ Tip On ‘$187’ Bill, Turns Heads After Making Facebook Post In Response

Taylar Cordova shares this post with her followers on Facebook and everyone is surprised. She shows that she received a $0 tip for a bill of $187.43. This surprised her, who is a polite and good waitress. Many people commented on her post on Facebook.

According to her, she does her job with a lot of love and passion. She takes care of customers and their needs during the time they stay in the restaurant. This event surprised her a lot.

According to Taylor, this action was rude and does not happen often. She wrote in her post that this action make her sad. According to her, it’s not polite when some clients don’t value a waitress’s work.

A lot of people don’t give tips because they don’t have money, even though they want to do this. But it is strange how some clients who spend so much, do not think to leave a tip for the waitress who has served them all the time.

According to her, a small tip for the waiter who served them would not cost them much money. Waitresses usually work a lot during the day and receive a small salary. This money they earn is very important to them. For some people, tip have monetary and emotional value. This is also a sign that shows that customers are satisfied with the service.

This news was shared several times. The Department of Labor in the USA clearly explains that employees who work in a job where they receive a tip must combine their salary with the tip. That’s why Taylar considered this rude action.

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