Sweater At Target Called ‘Deeply Offensive’; Target Responds: Get Over It

It is not the first time that customers are offended by the products that brands sell. Sometimes these brands are fined and this is often happening lately.

This has happened to Target, one of the largest clothing stores in the US. Target has decided to advertise one of its products, with a strange design. But this tactic has been used before by many other businesses.

One of the regular shoppers at Target was offended by the design of some t-shirts in the store.

Reign Murphy was offended by this type of advertising and said on Twitter that it was ugly. She finds this behavior inappropriate. Reign took photos of the blouse and shared them on her Twitter profile, where she received many likes.

She wrote on her T-shirt, “OCD Christmas obsessive-compulsive disorder.” This design can be offensive to those who really suffer from this psychological distress.

She had no problem with the colors or the size of the blouse. She was shocked by the writing on the t-shirt. This disease is a difficult experience for those who know it.

OCD is a psychological disorder that gives disorders to people suffering from it. About 2.2 million Americans suffer from OCD and they support her posting and thinking.

In fact, not everyone thought this had become intentional. Many people say they have OCD but do not feel attacked by it. Some think that not everyone understands and accepts humor. For this Jessica Carlson, Target spokesperson apologized to customers who were offended by this product.

She also said it was not done with bad intentions. But she acknowledged that the sweater would continue to be sold.

Another concern for the fashion firm Target has been expressed by a mother. She has photographed some t-shirts with the signatures “bride”, “trophy”, and “Mrs.”.

According to her, they see the figure of a woman as an object that is bought, sold, raped, or used. She does not accept that her daughters wear such a t-shirt.

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