A Boy Who Once Was The World’s Heaviest Kid Proves That There Is No Goal That Cannot Be Reached

Health is the most important thing that we all have. Oftentimes, the routine makes us forget to take care of our health and this can affect the creation of many diseases that we have not had before.

One of these diseases is obesity. Obesity is a disease related to gaining weight and encountering difficulties while performing daily activities. In this article, you will find the inspiration to change something in your life. Obesity is a real disease and is not the result of laziness.

This is related to eating habits and organizational disorders to digest food properly. In addition, obesity can be genetically transmitted from one generation to another. What we can do in this situation is to control ourselves and do our best to defeat this disease.

People who suffer from this health problem try hard to overcome this situation. This is the inspiring story of Arya Permana, a boy who did everything to become weak and did not give up. He weighed about 421 lb.

The teenager from Indonesia has been registered as the healthiest child in the world. But he is a concrete example that you can achieve your goals if you believe in them. But if you look at his last photo, you will be surprised how much his appearance has changed.

This is a motivating example for all of you who think you can’t lose weight and live healthily. He changed his lifestyle and started doing physical activity. Also, his food diet was more regular and healthy. He has become a symbol of hope for adults and children who are obese and have problems with being overweight. The doctors took care of him and gave him a strict food diet, which had a great impact on his health.

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