US Women’s Team Says They’ll All Quit If Lia Thomas Gets a Tryout: “We Don’t Need a Ringer”

The US National Women’s Team, comprising 16 members, has threatened to quit if transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is given a tryout. Thomas, who recently won the NCAA Championship and set numerous world records, has faced criticism from the team members who believe her inclusion would give an unfair advantage.

Coach Joe Barron expressed the team’s concerns, stating that the women do not want to share their locker room with someone assigned male at birth. They prioritize fair competition over having a “ringer” on their team, someone who is exceptionally skilled and overqualified for the event. The team fears that accepting Thomas would result in societal judgment and view it as a compromise of their integrity.

Thomas, on the other hand, argues that there is no inherent advantage and claims that reports of her dominance have been exaggerated. However, her impressive records and medals suggest otherwise.

When approached for comment, a spokesperson for the US Olympic committee expressed confusion as to why the women’s volleyball team, shown in the article’s feature image, would be concerned about Thomas receiving a tryout. They humorously pointed out that Thomas is a swimmer and not involved in volleyball, indicating that her chances of making the volleyball team are highly unlikely.

It is worth noting that throughout the history of both volleyball and swimming, there has never been a case where a sprinter trained in the 50-yard dash has won a medal in volleyball. This statement concludes the article on a lighthearted note, emphasizing the differences between the sports and implying that the team’s concerns may be misplaced.

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