Tallulah Willis Talks Openly About Her Father’s Declining Health in New Essay Published by Vogue

Tallulah Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, recently shared her emotional journey and the impact of her father’s declining health. In a heartfelt essay published by Vogue, Tallulah discussed the changes in her relationship with her father as he battles aphasia and frontotemporal disorder (FTD). She opened up about her own struggles, including her battle with anorexia and subsequent diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

Despite her ongoing recovery, Tallulah now feels equipped to be present in her father’s life. She describes herself as a new person, bringing him a bright and sunny energy and cherishing the time they have together. She treasures every voicemail from him, using them as a way to document their bond for the future.

Tallulah revealed that her father spends most of his time on the first floor of their family home, enjoying the open floor plan. Although dementia has affected him in various ways, she is grateful that he still recognizes her and lights up when she enters the room. She acknowledges inheriting many of his personality traits and embraces his cool, charming, stylish, and sweet nature.

Bruce, who came from humble beginnings, also had a taste for the finer things in life. Tallulah fondly recalls his tendency to order one of everything on the menu at restaurants, always seeking more comfort in life.

Reflecting on the past, Tallulah admitted feeling abandoned by her father before understanding his health struggles. This led her down a dark path, affecting her mental and emotional well-being. She thought he had lost interest in her after having two babies with her stepmother. However, she now realizes those thoughts were untrue and a result of her adolescent mindset.

Tallulah’s own journey to recovery at Driftwood Recovery for anorexia played a significant role in her healing. Today, she looks forward to spending more time with her father, treasuring the memories and moments they share.

In her essay, Tallulah’s love for her father shines through, and she is determined to make the most of their time together despite the challenges they face.

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