Upsetting Video: Presumed ‘Human Remains’ Recovered From Wreckage Of Titan Submersible

The U.S. Coast Guard discovered presumed human remains near the wreckage of the Titan submersible. The remains will be examined by forensics experts. Last week, it was determined that all five people on board the submersible had died in a catastrophic implosion.

One of the victims, 19-year-old Suleman Dawood, had conflicting accounts of his eagerness to board the submersible. Despite being terrified, he went ahead with the trip to share the experience with his father. Videos on TikTok depicted the implosion, providing both accurate and inaccurate depictions. The movies agree that everyone on board would have been killed instantly.

The OceanGate CEO, Stockton Rush, who was killed during the dive, had been warned about the submersible’s safety. There were concerns about the legality of the submersible’s operations, as it was not registered with international agencies or classified by a maritime industry group. The operators, OceanGate, believed the design was innovative and would take time for inspectors to understand.

The Dawood family almost got the jobs that went to the victims. Despite safety concerns, Stockton believed the submersible was safer than flying in a helicopter or scuba diving, which proved to be a wrong assumption.

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