Trolls Wondered What He Saw In Her, But The Iconic Actor Always Has His Wife’s Back

Pierce Brosnan has won the hearts of many fans around the world, but more the girls who are amazed by his beauty. He is otherwise known as Casanova and has participated in many films where he has shown his attractive character.

But in reality, he is a very loving and devoted man to his wife. He had a beautiful romance with Keely Shaye Smith, a well-known journalist. Their relationship has lasted for many years and they are needed just like the first day.

This has not been stopped by their age or their professional direction. The actor admits that it was not always easy to maintain a healthy relationship. But he is happy that he had a wonderful woman by his side. They have tried to preserve their relationship for these 30 years and are each other’s closest friends.

Keely spoke in 2001 about this relationship. She says that she immediately fell in love with the actor and they had a lot of chemistry. They immediately realized that they were the right people for each other.

The couple got married in Ireland and their wedding was grand. However, the actor made sure that journalists did not participate in the wedding. They were blessed with two beautiful sons and tried to spend as much time as possible with them. Keely has changed her routine to make it more family-friendly.

She has always wanted to educate children and devote herself to her family as well. This behavior and many others of Keely have made the actor fall in love with her, even more, every day. They are sure of each other’s love.

Pierce Brosnan has been careful to keep the ring and the watch that his wife gave him, even in the films in which he has participated. His wife is very happy with this action. Even though today the actor is 69 years old, nothing has changed in their relationship and they need a lot.

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