Tori Spelling Says Two More of Her Children Were Admitted to the Hospital Following Rough Start to the New Year

This year has not started so well for Tori Spelling, who has shared with her followers the news that her son and daughter have been hospitalized due to a difficult health condition. She informed her followers that her daughter had been hospitalized with migraines and only a few days later revealed that her son Liam had also been hospitalized.

Both children had the same health problem. They suffered from severe migraines and both were hospitalized for a short time. She accompanied the news with a photo from the hospital. This sad situation started after the New Year.

The pain felt by her son Liam was big because he was suffering from a severe migraine condition. Spelling spoke about her children and said that they are the strongest people she has ever seen. We all know how difficult this disease is.
She spoke about her youngest child, who was born with one kidney and this is causing various health problems, such as the inability to empty.

Spelling is forced to be on hospital premises for a long time. She also thanked the doctors who took care of her children during this period. She was even more surprised when she found out that Stella also had terrible migraine disease. During the moments that her daughter experiences migraine attacks, she feels shocks similar to strokes.

The girl feels a blow to her head and neck. Tori thanked all the people who stood by her during this period. She informed her followers saying that the doctors are taking care of the health of the children and she prays that they will get well.

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